Support Free Speech with Motoon Link!

Websites and blogs worldwide are helping to support free speech, the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and the Free Press Society by posting a link to the IFPS fundraising campaign to sell first-edition, signed prints of the famous “Turban bomb” cartoon.  Proceeds will support research, public education and legal efforts for individuals and organizations under assault for exercising their right to free expression; and to support efforts to ban hate speech laws and pass laws protecting freedom of expression.

Now you can help at your website or blog by adding the pictures and code below.

We provide a full-size image for a webpage or blog post, and a smaller image for a column advertisement:





Please provide a link to <; .  That is the page at blogger for paypal payments.

LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE HELPING IN THIS EFFORT, and if we have your permission to publicize your support.  We want to post an “Honor Roll” of supporters of Kurt Westergaard’s efforts to support free speech with this limited edition of his cartoon, and to encourage our readers to become regular visitors to your website or blog.

Email with a link to your website and any other information you would like us to post on your behalf.

Thanks to the many blogs already supporting us worldwide – the campaign for Free Speech will grow with your support!

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